Unreleased (UR) Pets, Zebras, White Malk Dragon

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Unreleased pets

What does "Unreleased/UR" mean?

Most pets are made available for a limited time, where users can adopt a random selection of a litter or outcomes. However, there are a few pets which are very special, and never get this normal release. Rather, they are created by random chance during other events. The typical unreleased (UR) pet is one which can only be obtained by very slight random chance by adopting from the advent calendar on December 18th. At no other time do these pets become available, which means they tend to be quite rare.

The other type of pet which is loosely considered "Unreleased" are the 2009 Zebras, and the White Malk dragon, as they too lack formal releases. They, in addition to being released on December 18th, have/had an extremely small chance of being adopted with monthly pets. The white Malk dragon had a small chance to be adopted with the monthly Malk pets, but with Malk's retirement the dragon is no longer released with monthly adopts. Zebras however still have a very small chance of coming out in monthly litters when you adopt the horses.

My UR is Dated 19th/24th December

In 2009 the website went down for a large part of the day, resulting in people not being able to adopt. The box was extended until the 19th but those who did adopt on the 18th could not adopt again!

In 2011 a miscalculation was made about how many people would come online to adopt the box, resulting in almost no older pets, but only much newer and less rare pets to be released. To offset this mistake and bring more pets into circulation, another rerelease was held on 24th of December!

So far these are the only 'other' dates for the 18th! The 19th of December 2009, and the 24th of December 2011.

How to Get a UR Pet

The only time you can adopt an "Unreleased/UR" pet is on the 18th of December. There is a random chance that you might get one of these pets, out of several other hundred pets being released from the same box, and you are only allowed to adopt three pets from the box. This makes the UR pets quite valuable.

UR Pets By Year


These pets have been also been re-released during the 2009 and 2010 Advent Calendars. The banana and the UR Cat were originally custom pets owned by just a few members. When released in the Advent Calendar, some users deleted the banana pets believing them to be worthless, but later the rarity was revealed to be 'OMG so rare!'

2008 Unreleased Pets
Archive by: Tess
image.php?k=9CE9B809B80BF94181B463981734E7AB&bg=ffffff image.php?k=025B2E64FCDF3D6EDCF30DFC6FA142FA&bg=ffffff image.php?k=BD1B077D1BE07BF88553123D2A2614BA&bg=ffffff image.php?k=B5B28762DC3623B4A14CF2F51661D476&bg=ffffff
UR Cat UR Banana UR Mint Horse UR B-Wolf


These pets have also been rereleased in the 2010 Advent Calendar.

2009 Unreleased Pets
Archive by: Tess, Moonflight, and Sorren Fey
image.php?k=0CE8CA14A1BA021272756ED13268EB6D&bg=ffffff image.php?k=CA6CFBA09CB6B051EBB0694B33E53733&bg=ffffff image.php?k=7DBEEB87EE7E91D0FC931CDD4A307554&bg=ffffff
UR Purple Horse UR Dog UR Apple


Malk had a special box during this Advent Calendar where you had the chance to adopt her first "Unreleased/UR" pet.

2010 Unreleased Pets
Archive by: Shima.Luan, Ricorn, Sorren Fey, and Malk
image.php?k=56BB1EDE12B017AC74561E1111531521&bg=ffffff image.php?k=CC60ECA9BB4CE71DEA2F687D3399B084&bg=ffffff image.php?k=67297D7E632BA54F70D695928D961380&bg=ffffff image.php?k=A6FD7803E00609C3070D89CCD8F061AA&bg=ffffff
Ur Tiger UR Rat UR Grapes UR Malk


2011 Unreleased Pets
Archive by: Leurai and Tess
image.php?k=45F29986B4715995BA366C199BEAC9DF&bg=ffffff image.php?k=59598CC25790D293BA505BAE5E84F41D&bg=ffffff
UR Pickel UR Lion


2012 Unreleased Pets
Archive by: Chia, Sorren Fey
image.php?k=74F6ED1AF5792BD2E783FC386D9F5908&bg=ffffff image.php?k=0D77E5C1C0480DE70FBCC749DD6B3ED3&bg=ffffff image.php?k=971887D550A0503AD4E9124330AE9327&bg=ffffff
UR Ice Cat UR Aussie/Cookie Dog UR Flower Pot


2013 Unreleased Pets
Archive by: Try, Spotty, and Bernouli
image.php?k=80E7C05355B18DECD3C0E669904534D4&bg=ffffff image.php?k=AAAE383D40E111B82431C37902A4A0C5&bg=ffffff image.php?k=699C50DE4ED4DA16C682E1CB19AB39F1&bg=ffffff
UR Phoenix UR Bee UR Holly


2014 Unreleased Pets
Archive by: Tyr and Vampiric
image.php?k=66E192FFBE777903A3BD4265E337BF3E&bg=ffffff image.php?k=EBE02D73DBC8E53D68237CC6136988D7&bg=ffffff
UR Pineapple UR Bengal


2015 Unreleased Pets
Archive by: sketchi and Lillian Nightshade
image.php?k=636E758E0377AF133222FA8ECA7B65A6&bg=ffffff image.php?k=808C546206263BB20AD7BC30E0085822&bg=ffffff
UR Peach UR Foal


2016 Unreleased Pets
Archive by: Berkshire and Sorren Fey
image.php?k=284F4C499C4BE15E190B95F3CB424C69&bg=ffffff image.php?k=7623A7CA06014476A679A4D858EB8E41&bg=ffffff
UR Zonkey UR Cinnabun


2017 Unreleased Pets
Archive by: Simon and EmberWolf
image.php?k=45DA89ECF04FDE6B977330E9104676E5&bg=ffffff image.php?k=EAB9E734F5421275DDEA264C7E960391&bg=ffffff
UR Peas UR Fox

The Zebras

While Equimagine's lines were still being released in 2009 and 2010, there was a small chance you could get a Zebra from all the horseshoes she released. All you had to do was adopt her pets and hope you were lucky enough to get one and this system is still used with Yulynh's Horses and Ponies. The Zebras are released this way because Zebras are Tess' favorite animal, and she wants to keep them extra special. Since the retirement of Equimagine's lines, and the arrival of Yulynh's new lines, the Zebras are once again being released in this manner.

On June 1st 2010, there was a mix-up with the way Zebras were released, and there was a 7% higher chance of getting a Zebra. This was rectified after about 10 minutes, but there were about 14 extra Zebras adopted that month. This slightly lowered the overall rarity of the Mountains Zebra, which is the more common of the 3 Zebras. Although this isn't the only reason, the Mountains Zebra has had several rarity changes over the 2010 Advent Calendar, going down from OMG So Rare to Very Rare, then back up again.

Archive by: equimagine, revised by Sorren Fey
Plains Zebra image.php?k=9F6C48E18D72DED3E61BA57208A3630F&bg=ffffff image.php?k=91587B27FAB4ECE19DAC2C3CBC2D7247&bg=ffffff image.php?k=2AFF7BAC394EF1DF7776A87160ADEDE9&bg=ffffff
Mountain Zebra image.php?k=892AE497695AE29343ABF723319D3877&bg=ffffff image.php?k=E47652B6B6036C40F6A5615EFBA82371&bg=ffffff image.php?k=CAB01DA87A6DC8564C4DC6B0FE38363A&bg=ffffff
Grevy's Zebra image.php?k=A4B9F9F3DDEB2E477485C0001C91C207&bg=ffffff image.php?k=E8F775B4598DD6EEB9B76046490E2BEC&bg=ffffff image.php?k=6C1884752B52BCB907EDE13BFE671574&bg=ffffff

White Malk Dragon

Similar to the process with the zebras detailed above, for a time the white Malk dragon was released by random chance with the Malk monthly litters. However, with Malk's retirement as an artist, the white Malk Dragon was also retired from random release. Now it is only available by random chance on December 18th, in the regular rerelease box like any other pet from the past.

Archive by: Malk
image.php?k=7C912BA5616D2E24E9F700D90E4BA2B6&bg=ffffff image.php?k=0C1AFF9AEAA0953F1B1F9B818C2771C9&bg=ffffff image.php?k=CDA0F7E4B6A50A663793329EEF444F41&bg=ffffff image.php?k=F59BB59AAE65BAD7A52BCF15AE31F5F9&bg=ffffff image.php?k=946BBA8B1DF909064AFD026C17B61B74&bg=ffffff image.php?k=B417CCE6E41000BDE7A232E9921D2CC3&bg=ffffff