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2nd Generation pets, often referred to simply as "2nd Gen," are a special type of litter released nearly every month. These litters take two existing pets, and with the creative talents of the artist, combine their traits to make the appearance of multiple "offspring". This type of litter makes an appearance on the monthly adopt page nearly every month.

For more information on 2nd Generation Pets, their history, and how to identify them, read this guide.

Or, take this chance to learn about the similar concept of "3rd Generation Pets."




The Parents
Yellow Splatter Rune Rooster
June 2013 by Tyr. February 2014 by Sorren Fey.
The Babies
January 2015 by TheCalicoTabby.


The Parents
Black Yin-Yang Growing Black Rose
October 2009 by Shima.Luan. November 2011 by ProphecyEcho.

Our Family Tree

The Babies: Yin-Yang Rose 2nd Gen Litter
February 2015 by Saikiyo.

Valentine's Day

The Parents
Pink Footed Shima Fox Cupid
Valentine's Day 2010 by Shima.Luan. Christmas 2014 by Tyr.
The Babies
Valentine's Day 2015 by Sorren Fey.

Chinese New Year

The Parents
Dragon Bunny Blue Ram Bunny
Chinese New Year 2011 by Vampiric. Slumber Party Event by Sorren Fey.
The Babies
Chinese New Year 2015 by Sorren Fey.


The Parents
Black Bright Rainbow Zebra Scratch
July 2014 by sketchi. October 2014 by sketchi.

Our Family Tree

The Babies: Rainbow Scratchboard 2nd Gen Litter
March 2015 by sketchi.


The Parents
Archie Cleocatra
Christmas 2011 by moonlily. Egypt Event by Tyr.
The Babies: Cleocatra x Archie 2nd Gen Litter
April 2015 by sketchi.


The Parents
Tiger Rat Dog Pink Snake
Christmas 2011 by Satamoru. January 2015 by EmberWolf.

Our Family Tree

The Babies: Tiger Snake 2nd Gen Litter
May 2015 by Chia.


The Parents
King Cheetah Cat Black Paint Cat
May 2012 by Selcouth. January 2013 by Chia.
The Babies: Splattered Cheetah 2nd Gen Litter
July 2015 by Sorren Fey.

Candy Event

The Parents
E. Claire Vanilla Pupcake
February 2010 by bouquetblu. January 2011 by ProphecyEcho.

Our Family Tree

The Babies: E. Claire's 2nd Gen Litter
Candy Event by Yağmur.


The Parents
Orange Panda Rat Black Hooded Rat
September 2008 by Tess. Christmas 2008 by Tess.
The Babies: Orange Hooded 2nd Gen Litter
August 2015 by DisabledLlama.


The Parents
Ice Phoenix Galaxy Rooster
Christmas 2014 by Saikiyo. August 2015 by Saikiyo.
The Babies: Celestial Litter
September 2015 by Berkshire and Saikiyo.


The Parents
White Paint Cat Purple Stitch
January 2013 by Chiat. May 2013 by Tyr.
The Babies: 2nd Gen Splatter Plush Litter
October 2015 by Berkshire.


The Parents
-Unnamed- -Unnamed-
December 2014 by ZombiePoodle. Christmas 2014 by Lilian Nightshade.
The Babies
Halloween 2015 by Lilian Nightshade and ZombiePoodle.


The Parents
Button Coraline Floppy Patchwork
May 2009 by Mausoleum. Halloween 2011 by Selcouth.

Our Family Tree

The Babies: Patchwork 2nd Gens
November 2015 by Saikiyo.


The Parents
Elf Bunny Blue Angel Bunny
Christmas 2009 by Vampiric. Christmas 2010 by Vampiric.
The Babies
December 2015 by Sorren Fey.