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Third Generation pets, or "3rd gens" as they are almost always called, are the babies of at least one of the 2nd Generation pets on the site. They, and their families, will often share the same traits, colors, or characteristics. On occasion an artist will pick a pair including a 2nd Gen pet, and create a series of potential offspring. 3rd Gen litters do not appear often, but when they do they become available from the same page as the 2nd Gens.

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While it is ultimately left to the artists to decide which pairings should created, users are invited to give their input on a forum thread pinned to the top of the CS Help board.

Fortunately 3rd Gen pets are tagged visibly with a stamp that appropriately says "3rd Gen" on it, usually around the site's mark, so it is easy to identify which pets are descendants. This is a trait visible on all stages, even the growing ones.



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