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This guide was originally written by Seasonal<3


This guide will answer any questions that you may have about hoarding pets. It is in a question-and-answer style so that you can conveniently find whatever you're looking for.


Q. What is a hoard?
A. A hoard is a group of pets that are consistent to each other. They can be made of one variation of pet (Example: a group of 20 Ricorn Birthday pups), or they can be made of pets with similar traits (Example: a group of dogs that have bobtails).
Q. How do I start my own hoard?
A. First, you need to brainstorm ideas. Is there a certain pet that catches your eye? Do you love three-tailed dogs? Once you have an idea, you need to search for pets that you will add to your hoard. If you want a large hoard, I would suggest choosing something Common; it can be very hard to obtain multiple Uncommon and Rare pets.
Q. That seems so hard! Won't this take forever?
A. The goal to having a successful hoard is trading. You need to work hard to get the pets that you want. Your offers will be rejected. Some people will not want to trade their pets. You just have to keep searching.
Q. Why do people hoard pets?
A. Some people simply like the pet and want a bunch of them. Other people are looking for something to do once they have nearly completed their collection. If you only need three pets in order to complete your entire collection, you will need something to do in the meantime, no?
Q. What if I hoard the same pet that someone else does?
A. It's not a big deal. There are plenty to go around for everyone! Hoarding should never be an extreme competition, and some minds think alike. Someone else may think the same way of a pet that you do yourself. Just keep collecting, and don't sweat it.
Q. I want to hoard something Rare. I'm prepared to do this. Will people get upset with me?
A. I cannot give you a direct answer to this, as it is strictly based on personal opinion. If you like a pet, you are by all means entitled to hoard it. If you want to hoard Bananas, there is no rule that says you cannot. However, some people feel that this is selfish; others don't mind. You can do whatever you'd like to with your pets. If you want to trade them for Rare pets for a hoard, go ahead!
Q. I've looked at every pet on ChickenSmoothie, and I still don't know what I want to hoard! Can you help?
A. Sometimes, hoarding just isn't something that you'd like to do. Some people like it, while others do not. If you need some ideas, here are some different types of hoards that you can try.

Variation (One pet. Ex: Jeweled Sundog)
Design (One design on a variety of pets. Ex: Galaxy pets)
Blanket (One blanket, all variations. Ex: Sorbet dogs)
Artist (Ex: Malk pets)
Event (Ex: St. Patrick's Day)
Pet (Ex: butterfly wolves)
Rarity (Ex: rare pets)
Costume/accessory/theme hoard (Ex: sheep)
Feature (Ex: bobtail dogs)
Year (Ex: 2008 pets)
Date (Ex: Pets adopted on your birthday)
(Thank-you, PastCat, for this wonderful list of suggestions!)

Other Information

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