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Button1.png Forum Guides
Learn all you need to know about navigating and using the Chicken Smoothie forums; from coding to etiquette.
Button2.png Item Guides
Learn more information about past item releases. Or, explore some of the different sets of collectables.
Button3.png Pet Guides
Understand your pets by investigating some of our guides about Chicken Smoothie pets.
Button4.png Name Guides
Pets and litters often have names that the community widely uses to identify them; explore some of those names here!
Button5.png Trading Guides
Gain some insight about making successful trades and getting your dream pets!
Button6.png Roleplaying Guides
Discover some cool tips about participating in roleplays on Chicken Smoothie.
Button7.png Site and Forum Rules
Make sure to stay out of trouble by reviewing the site and forum rules!
Button8.png Misc Guides
Discover all sorts of neat guides that don't fit into the other category. Includes Oekaki and Trivia guides.
Button9.png History
Read these guides to learn more about the history of Chicken Smoothie!
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