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This guide was originally written by Chry

So you want to name your pet, or name a group? That's a great idea. Naming lets your pet really feel personal and your group to have a meaning :). . . I am an avid namer. At the end of every month, after everything has grown, I will name all the month's pets. But where do I get the creativity to name all those pets? Well, let me show you :)

How do I name my pet?

First, to name a pet, you should click on it so that its profile page appears. You will know you are there as you will see the code boxes :) ... scroll down to the bottom of the page ...


Click "Rename your pet" and then when the page loads, type the name into the box provided :) . . . When you're finished, select the "Rename your pet" button beside the box, and you're done :)

Naming a Pet

So, to start off with. I look at the pet:
Pet's name:

As you can see, there is no name. First, I personally, choose a gender for my pet :), you don't need to of course :) . . . So, I think for this pet, I will make him Male. . . Now, I take a look at the "Official" Dog Name thread to see what the general population has nicknamed this specific pet :). After I have found the pet, I look at the name people have given it. In this case, the pet above is nicknamed the "Henna Dreamcatcher" . . . Now that name itself, doesn't really work for me, so I will choose something different. You can of course call your pet after the official names, if you so desire :). What do I do now? I use a Name Generator.

What is a name generator?

A "Name Generator" is where you find a site that lets you input your own name, or have one randomly created for you. There are lots of different ones on the internet. All you need to do is Google the name generator you wish to use. You can use anything really. Some examples are Elf names, Pirate names, Mermaid names, Evil names, Vampire names etc. . . . Click here for the Name Generator Index :) . . . Or scroll down to the third post :)

I normally visit Seventh Sanctum for all my naming purposes, as their generator are very easy to use, they have a nice variety and they have alot of names :) . . . For this pet I have chosen their Goblin name generator. I searched through until I found a name I really liked :)
Pet's name: Guk Greatgas

We have now named our pet :) . . . You may be wondering why I chose that name. Well, I am hoarding this particular pet, and the hoard is a "Pirate" hoard :). The name of my group is - The Morbid, Deceitful, Howling Hoard of the Sea.
(Please do not use that name. I did not use a generator for it so please do not steal it).

But there are pets that are based off something specific. . . How do I name that one?

Yes, there are pets our there that are based off of actual animals . . . Most of those names are in the "Official" Dog Name thread. There are a few below that are not based off of animals. 3 are based off of flowers :). Cat names are Here. Horse names are Here. Rat names are Here and the Butterfly Wolf names are Here

I have named my pet. . . But what about the group the pet is in?

Well first off make a new group, if you haven't already (Please note, you cannot re-name the group labeled "Pets without a group"). To do this all you need to do is scroll to the bottom of any groups page and select "Create a new group" . . .


You can then re-name your group. Its the same as re-naming a pet :) . . . Just place the name in the box provided and then click the button when you're done :)

Now, naming your group is simple :) . . . You can organise your pets by Species, or by Gender (If you give your pets a gender) or by age, or by release date or by rarity . . . the list can go on lol. . . One of the best groups everyone should have, is a Trade group. You should put all the pets you don't want in there :). So your doubles or pets that you dont like the look of.

Here is a picture showing you all of my groups. As you can see, I have named my groups in specific ways. First, any holiday pets are placed in a group labeled "Specials". This is so I can have easy access to any birthday pet, or any Halloween pet, or any Easter pet etc.

I have then named some groups with the word "Growing". This is so I can place the newborns from each month into their corresponding species group, when they grow up into adults, I will move them to a group that is named with the current month. So any pets from this month, will go into a group that has the same month in the name. That way, I am keeping singles of each outcome in the once place for my collection :) . . .

My Trades are set out by species, rarity and month. The doubles from the current month go into that group so I can trade for any missed outcomes. Then I move those pets to their respectful species group, and if the pet is a rare, it will go into my "rare" trades :)

I have a hoard, but I don't know what to name it. . .

This is often a very difficult process. One of my hoards was extremely difficult to name. I wanted to obtain 20 of this pet.
Pet's name: Cyclops Ones Of The Slithering Seeker

I had manged to get the 20 I wanted. So I placed them in a group named '"Hoard' Malks Demon Staff Dog [20/20]". Now, some people will look at that name, and know straight away what dog I am hoarding. But I believed that name didn't do the dogs justice, so I had to find a new name for it. I thought for awhile, looked at different name generators on Seventh Sanctum until finally, I came upon one name that I felt really portrayed the hoard. That name was: Vulture Beings From The Screaming Planet. I then had to name all the pets inside that hoard, and it was back to the name generator's for me. . . You can see all the names if you click above :)

Naming hoard groups should reflect the pets inside. As malks demon dog is scary, I wanted a scary name. You can have sweet names too. Like "Hoard" The Young Girls Galaxy, or "Hoard" Mist Obscures The Dawn. You can have simple names as well like "Guinea Pig Hoard" or "Bobtail Hoard" . . . It depends on how you want to name it :) . . . But Name Generators really do help :) . . .

Name Generator Index

These are the generators that I normally use, there are many more on that particular website :)

Alien Race Name Generator
Fantasy Race Generator
Fantasy Name Extreme Generator
Greek-Style Namer
Weird Name Generator
Dark Elf Name Generator
Wild Elf Name Generator
Evil-Sounding Name Generator
Goblin Name Generator
Lovecraftian Name Generator
Vampire Name Generator
Angel/demon Name Generator
Cat Being Namer
Dwarf Name Generator
Elf Name Generator
Kaiju Name Generator
Tree-Being Name Generator

A Fantasy Name Generator Site :) - This one is a little fiddly, but once you get the hang of it, you can get some really great names :)

Sorren Fey wrote:
For translating just one or two words you can use dictionaries. Leo is a good one.

DisabledLlama wrote:
Hey Chry, heres a suggestion for the groups part:

An online alphabetizer, for if you want to test out special characters and find out where they will be placed in the list of your groups.

Also, for special characters, (ΩЖΰЯђ) go to:
In Windows
Start>All Programs>Accessories>System Tools>Character Map

On a Mac
Finder>Edit/Special Characters

Doesn't mean you should go crazy on the special characters (it looks garish if you have all your group names typed all with special characters). It just help organize without using a numbered system.

There are many more name generators out there. . . You don't have to use the ones above :) . . . Just google "Name Generator" or "Fantasy Name Generator" etc. and you may just find the one that you're looking for :D