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Guide to PPS Pets

Welcome to the official Guide to PPS pets!
PPS is short for Peter Pan Syndrome, which is a condition that some Chickensmoothie pets are born with. It prevents them from growing up, so they get to be young forever! The syndrome has no cure, but don't worry - it's not a bad thing! A pet with PPS is no different than any other outcome, in fact, in many cases they are the rarest outcomes in their litters.

RavenclawHobbit inherited this thread from In the Darke, who ran it from it's creation in October 2011 until April 2013.
DaDwarf took over in May 2016!

Table of Contents
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Intro topic!
2008 PPS
2009 PPS
2010 PPS
2011 PPS
2012 PPS
2013 PPS
2014 PPS
2015 PPS
2016 PPS
2017 PPS
Guide to GUPPS
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn't __ on this list?
If you find a PPS older than 3 months that I missed, please feel free to PM me about it. However, this guide is only updated every few months, so to see the newest PPS pets (if any), check the archive!

How can you tell if a pet has PPS?
Most PPS pets have a tag near their hind leg that says "PPS", BUT this is not always the case! Some pets, especially those released during events, do not have this tag. Instead, check the pet's info page. If your pet is a child and it's info page says "Growth: Full Grown", then it is a PPS. If it says "Growth: Still Growing", then your pet does not have PPS and will become an adult soon.

What is an EPPS?
EPPS stands for "Extreme Peter Pan Syndrome". This simply means that the pet is frozen in it's newborn, or "baby" stage. Regular PPS pets are frozen in their middle or "teenager" stage.

What is a GUPPS?
GUPPS stands for "Grown-Up PPS". Sometimes, often for Christmas, the CS staff will create adult versions of PPS pets that were released earlier that year. More information on the GUPPS can be found further down on this thread.

How many PPS pets are there?
There are:
256 dogs, 54 cats, 41 ponies, 23 fennec foxes, 22 horses, 21 chickens, 18 butterfly wolves, 16 rats, 13 owls, 8 draft horses, 7 lions, 6 squids, 3 Nick pets, 2 spiders, 1 Malk pup, 1 dragon, and 1 zebra, for a grand total of 493 PPS pets!