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This guide was originally written by Chry and edited by DaDwarf

This guide is meant to help any new members to CS to better understand what Third Generation pets are, how they grow, where to get them and who the parents of each litter are.

Third Generation pets or "3rd gens" as they are almost always called, are the babies of certain adoptables on the site. They will usually have certain characteristics from both of their parents. Occasionally their extended family and their colorings will greatly resemble that of their family.

How do I identify a "3rd-gen" pet?

That's a very good question, and one we get a lot. To easily see what pet is a "3rd-gen" and which one is not, take a look at these two pets below.
You can easily see "3rd gen" written in blue under "www.chickensmoothie.com" on the first pet :)

When you first adopt a 3rd-gen pet, they will have different colored blankets, but the same colored blanket will usually grow up into the same adult, though this isn't always the case.


Can I breed my own 3rd-gens?

No, you can't. And you wont ever be able to. 3rd-gens are created by the Chicken Smoothie Artists when they decide to release a new litter. But if you have an idea for a 3rd-gen pairing, why don't you post your idea here :)

How do I get these "3rd-gen" pets?

Every now and again, the artists or guest artists on the site will decide that they want certain pets to have some babies :). They will then color the CS line-art and release them on the first of some months in this section of the Adoptables Page. New 3rd Gen's are placed beside a picture of the parents like the image below. Those two pets are the Parents of a specific litter.


I really like a certain litter, but I can't adopt it. Why not?

Just like all the other litters on Chicken Smoothie, the 3rd-gens will be removed at the end of the month to make way for new adopts. You can still trade with other players who have spares in the trade section of the forums.

Which 3rd gens have been released so far?

Click here to go to the wiki guide on 3rd gen releases :)