Adoptable Collections & Clickables Rules

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It can be fun to show off your collection, and some other sites require you to get a certain number of "clicks" to keep your creatures alive. However, in order to cut down on spam, you must follow a few rule:

  • Clickables ONLY belong in your signature, trade rules, and the appropriate topic sticked to the top of the Adoptable Collections & Clickables Board.
    • Do not make a topic asking for clicks. Your topic will automatically be locked, and breaking this rule may lead to a warning. Saying that you aren't asking for people to click but you'd like them to is the same thing.
    • Do not bump your thread unless you have something to add. Unless you have a reason (an adoptable has grown, you've added new pets, etc.), do not bump.
    • Do not spam clickables on other people's threads. You'll get a warning for doing this, too. Besides breaking the rules, it's rude to spam someone else's thread.
    • Do not post in someone's thread saying that you have clicked their pets. While it's fine to click someone's pets, don't spam their thread by announcing that you've done so, especially since topics in this forum are not allowed to ask for clicks.
    • Post your clickables in the stickied thread and follow the rules of said thread. If you don't follow the rules, your posts will be deleted, and you will be warned if you continue to break the rules.
    • Topics made just for other people to post their pets will be considered spam and locked. You get a topic for yourself and your pets only.