Anthro and Furry Art Rules

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As the Art Rules state: any images which wouldn't be appropriate for young children should not be posted on CS.

We try to maintain a child-safe atmosphere here, and find some nude anthro/furry art to be inappropriate for CS. If we feel your image is too exposed/raunchy, we will either condense the image down to a link, remove it, or if the image is particularly inappropriate you may be warned or banned.

Please use the guidelines listed below, but be aware that Antho/Furry art will be moderated on a case-by-case basis, as it's hard to predict ahead of time exactly what kind of image will seem offensive to staff or players. If in doubt then don't post it here, or put something over the exposed areas before posting.

Likely to be acceptable on CS:

  • Furries with clothing or objects covering the crotch/chest
  • Topless male furries, or topless flat-chested female furries
  • Breasted female furries with a decent covering of clothing/fur ruffs over their chest
  • Breasted female furries in a modest pose e.g. covering their breasts with arms or hands, or with body turned away, etc[/list]

Unlikely to be acceptable on CS (don't post these):

  • Any furries with visible genitalia
  • Breasted female furries without anything covering their breasts
  • Female furries with visible nipples
  • Naked 'furries' which look more like a human with an animal head (i.e. no fur, smooth outlines, human form)
  • Furries drawn in an explicitly sexual pose

Note: Any of the above which are displayed in a users signature or popular discussion topic instead of in a personal art thread will also be more heavily censored as users will have no choice or pre-warning before viewing it.

Beyond Chicken Smoothie there are many sites that allow you to post nude anthro/furry art (such as Deviantart or Furaffinity), so please share anything borderline or inappropriate on other sites instead