Christmas Nostalgia Litters 2018-Present

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Every year during the Advent Calendar event, Chicken Smoothie releases special pet litters based off old designs with a new twist (ex. pets based on items). First seen in 2009, these 'throwback' litters have recreated a multitude of site designs under different themes.

This guide will list each throwback pet alongside its inspiration. Pets are grouped by release year. The release dates of the original designs are listed below each picture.

This guide does not include Grown-Up PPS (GUPPS) pets. For a guide to GUPPS, click here. For outcome names, see Pet and Litter Names.

For litters from 2009-2013, go here. For litters from 2014-2017, go here.


Retrograde PPS (RPPS)
Archive Artists: Swiftalu, Yağmur, Jayfrost, Solloby, raey, Dia., Desmond, Saikiyo
These pets are PPS versions of pets that originally did not have growing stages.
Christmas 2015 Halloween 2015
Christmas 2009 Jungle Event 2018
Valentine's Day 2014 Christmas 2016
Christmas 2016 Christmas 2017
Valentine's Day 2016 Christmas 2016
Slumber Party 2013

Archive Artists: Swiftalu, Yağmur, Jayfrost, Solloby, Desmond, Saikiyo, Simon
Halloween 2017 Halloween 2014
Christmas 2008 Halloween 2011
Halloween 2018 Christmas 2013
Halloween 2016 Jungle Event 2018
Halloween 2014 April 2015
Archive Artists: Swiftalu, Yağmur, Jayfrost, raey, Bernouli
Christmas 2015 Space Event 2016
Jungle Event 2018 Halloween 2018
Christmas 2017 Halloween 2018
Christmas 2016 Halloween 2012
Halloween 2018 Chinese New Year 2018


Long Lost Siblings
Archive Artists: EmberWolf, Sorren Fey, Lacuna, Burrito Bunny, Saikiyo
These pets have been designed to look like additional outcomes of past 2nd Gen litters.
May 2014 Valentine's Day 2010
October 2012 July 2018
June 2010 January 2016
May 2018 June 2011
Archive Artists: EmberWolf, Sorren Fey, Saikiyo
March 2013 January 2010
December 2014 March 2018
February 2017 August 2014
August 2008 Valentine's Day 2009
August 2008 May 2011
November 2008 January 2014