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If you want to find some free pets, or have some extra pets/items to give away, you should check out the Free Adoptions Board. But make sure you follow these rules before posting in there.

It should be noted that inactive threads are deleted after about 3 months. If your thread was automatically deleted you are welcome to make a new one, or if you still have the link to the old thread you can send us a Help Ticket so that we can try and recover it for you.

Asking other players for free pets

The Free Adoptions Board is the only place where you should be looking for free pets or items. You are not allowed to randomly contact players to ask for free pets or items, unless those players have said they have free stuff to give away. Otherwise you risk annoying other players by assuming they don't really want their pets, or that their collection is somehow less important than yours.

General Adoption Board Rules

  • You may only have one active topic at a time in this board, even if hosting multiple giveaways, they must be held on the same thread. If you would like a new free adoption thread press the report button and request that a moderator lock the existing one.
  • Only make a topic in the Free Adoptions board if you have pets or items that you're giving away for free. If you want free stuff then browse the other topics in that board.
  • If you require people to visit another website or click something to get a pet then this is not considered a free adoption. You should post these requests in the "Other Websites" Board.
  • Be careful to follow the adoption rules of the player giving things away. Don't ask or beg for pets or items which aren't offered as part of their free giveaway.

Adoption Centers

If you want to help out other players by opening an adoption center, you first must read and follow these rules.

  • Clearly state any rules you would like users to follow when adopting from you. This avoids confusion and allows you to specify what may be adopted, how many pets/items may be adopted, and by what method they should be requested.
  • Don't encourage or require adopters to fill out long/detailed forms. It is not considered a free adoption when participants spend a lot of time to be able to receive something. Adoption forms which call for art, detailed writing, stories, coding, or substantial effort do not belong in the "Free Adoptions" board even if these creations do not directly benefit you or are optional. If you want other members to draw art or write stories for you, or you want to otherwise judge adoption entries based on the artistic effort used to create them, you should start your topic in the Art Competitions board. This is because free adoptions may be cancelled at any time; we do not want entrants to lose out on the effort they put into a contest.
  • You may require users to advertise but you may not offer perks for users who participate in optional advertising for your adoption topic.


  • You can't force users to donate when they are adopting. Donations must be optional, or else your topic belongs in the trade boards, since your pets/items aren't really free to adopt.
  • You may not have special pets or items or a special group of pets available only to users who donate.
  • If you're taking donations, you must be willing to accept all unwanted pets/items. You can't only request certain outcomes, species, or rarity.
  • Any donations received must be given away for free in your adoption topic. You can't trade donations for any reason or keep any donations for your own personal collection.

Raffles & Lotteries

  • If you want to give pets away in a 'raffle' format, you can't charge for tickets or entry fees.This is a free adoptions board. You must let people enter raffles for free.
  • Explain clearly what people can win, and how they can win it (e.g. let them guess what number you're thinking of).
  • You can take donations to add to the prize pool, but the donating has to be optional and you can't give the donators any benefits or a higher chance of winning.

Disallowed Topic Types

  • Users may not offer, promise, or accept requests for specific pets or items that they do not currently own on their account. This means we do not allow Dreamie Centers, Pound Pet Catchers, or other similar topics.
  • Don't make topics where posters gift the person above them. Unfortunately these topics don't always work out, as some posters fail to send any gifts.
  • Only the creator of the topic may be giving away free pets/items. We do not allow group adoption topics where multiple users are giving pets/items away. If your friend wants to give away free pets/items they can do so in their own topic.
  • Do not create topics that encourage spam. This includes topics that offer prizes to users who make the most posts, reach a certain number of posts, post many times, or otherwise spam the topic. Please refer to the spam guide.

Closing A Free Adoption Topic

  • Adoption topics may be canceled/closed, with or without any/all pets and/or items being distributed, at any time.
  • If you decide to close your adoption topic prematurely you must return any donated pets/items to their original owners, donate them to another adoption center, or send them to the pound.
  • When all pets and items are gone, please change the topic title to "CLOSED - Please Delete" or report the topic with the ! button so moderators can lock it for you.