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Lil Monsters are collectable items on Chicken Smoothie which make a regular appearance in holiday releases. The line art was first designed by Tess in 2009 as toys for the CS Store, but have since been used and colored by other artists. Some have line edits, further making these collectable toys unique. Most of the releases were made before 2012, but 2018 saw the return of this classic item.

Due to the repeated use of this line art, the series is an excellent collection goal for users who want a bit of a challenge. Also, given that the majority are older items, it provides a good challenge for new and experienced traders alike.

Users can find these items in their collection under Other > Toys/Collectibles.

Original release: August 2009

Lil Monster

Lil Monster

Lil Monster

Available in the CS Store.

Halloween 2009

Halloween Lil Monster

Christmas 2009

Lil Monster

St. Patrick's Day 2010

Lil Monster

Easter 2010

Easter Lil Monster

CS Birthday 2010

Birthday Lil Monster

Original release: June 2010

Daruma Lil Monster

Available in the store.

Halloween 2010

Halloween Lil Monster

CS Birthday 2011

Lil Monster

Halloween 2018