Offsite Trades and Currency Rules

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Chicken Smoothie allows off-site trading (trading CS pets/items/currency for things on other websites). However, we have some rules and limits on what you can trade, and want you to understand the risks.

It is against our rules to trade CS things for real currency (e.g. selling pets for dollars through Paypal). Users who are found to be trading in real currency may be banned without warning.

Offsite Trades

  • Chicken Smoothie staff may be unable to help you if an off-site trade goes bad. While we'd love to help, it isn't always possible. We can't control or monitor trade activity on other websites. You may lose your side of the trade without being paid in return and there may be nothing we can do about it. You should consider these risks carefully before you make off-site trades.
  • Not all sites allow off-site trading. You should check with that site's rules before you make a trade.
    • We have attempted to list some of the site which we know do NOT allow offsite trading here, but it is not absolute so always make sure to check the rules of the other site first.
    • You may not arrange any trades offering CS pets/items/C$/accounts in return for AJ things (or vice-versa). This includes trades for AJ mods/cheats.
Anyone we find to be scamming users in fake off-site trade deals will be permanently banned.


  • Do not trade or buy an account from someone. Each user is only allowed to have one account, so if you buy a CS account when you already have one yourself then you could get in trouble.
    • If someone is selling their account (for off-site pets/currency etc) then it's okay to buy the contents of their account, but they should transfer the stuff to you rather than making you log in to their account. It would also be wise to ask staff for advice before making these trades as it will be marked as suspicious in our cheating detection system.


To try and prevent unfortunate incidents, make sure to observe these tips:

  • Always make sure you have clear communications with your trading partners on CS. If they have made you specific promises in trade messages or PMs then we have some evidence here when things go bad, and may be able to help.
  • Avoid trading with new accounts (accounts which joined only a couple of months ago). If an account is fairly new, that could be a sign that it was created just to scam people with, and they could be keeping the pets they steal on another (older) account. It might also mean that they were banned recently for similar behavior and have had to start over on a new account. New accounts have less to lose from being banned, so they are more likely to engage in risky behaviors such as scamming or cheating.
  • Ask the trader to confirm the trade agreement on both sites, by messaging their intentions to you on CS and on the other website too. That way you have a record of the trade promise which could be reported to admins on both sites, and you confirm that they really own the account they link you to.
  • If the trader has a trade topic, check for complaints or suspicious posts by other users - especially posts saying "I'm still waiting for you to send your side of the trade" etc. If the player has a history of breaking their promises with other traders, avoid them.
  • If the trader has very few pets on their account, or if you notice that the pets you sent them immediately got moved to a different account, then you may be dealing with a scammer who has multiple accounts!
  • If the offer seems too good to be true, then it might be a lie!