Privacy Rules

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For your own safety, we don't allow you to share personal or identifying information on CS.

It is also against the rules to ask other users for this kind of information. You can lose your posting/messaging privileges or could even be banned from CS if you insist on sharing/requesting personal information.

People can easily lie about who they are on the internet. Because of this it's nearly impossible to know who you can trust online. To keep yourself safe you should always be careful about what kind of information you share with strangers. Since many of our members are young children and teenagers, we are particularly conscious about safety risks and have strict rules to help keep everyone safe on CS.

The type of info we don't let you share:

  • Your full name or last name
  • Your age, grade, or birth year
  • Your address, suburb, town or city
  • The name or location of your school/club etc
  • Photos of yourself or your family/friends (except if your faces aren't visible)
  • Your email address or phone number, as well as Skype, kik or other contact information
  • Full names of your family/friends

This rule is in place for your own safety so you shouldn't try to get around it by dropping hints (i.e. saying 'I'm in grade 6-8', 'I'm 13+', 'I live in the city with the [famous building/specific club/etc.]').

You should also remember to never share your password. Not even with your best friend, and certainly not with someone who promises to give you C$ or free pets if you do. Sometimes people will steal your things, even when you were sure you could trust them, so it is best to keep your password private to avoid the risk.

If someone asks you for your password, or asks for other personal/identifying information, report them to us straight away!