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Trading is the best way to complete your CS Pet or Item collection!

A good way to look for new traders is to post in the Trades Board. However, make sure to follow these rules!

Trading Board Rules

  • You may only have one active trade topic at a time. You can put all your trade requests into the same topic. Edit that topic when you want to update your trade information.
    • It should be noted that inactive threads are deleted after about 3 months. If your thread was automatically deleted you are welcome to make a new one, or if you still have the link to the old thread you can send us a Help Ticket so that we can try and recover it for you.
  • Don't "bump" your topic, unless it has fallen off the front page of the forum it is located in! Posting "bump" again and again rapidly while your topic is still on the front page is considered spam, since there's no reason to be bumping that frequently.
  • Your trade topic should have a truthful title. Making false promises (e.g. "free rares!") to trick people into clicking your topic is not acceptable.
  • This is not the place to get free pets, so don't ask for any. If you want free pets, visit the "Free Adoptions" Board and find some from willing players. Don't create topics about it.
  • You can't post a blacklist or foelist in your trade rules. If you have a problem with another trader, you can put them on your foe list to block them from sending new trades. A public blacklist in trade rules is considered a form of bullying, since there is no reason to tell the world about it, just add them to your foe list and your problem is solved.
  • When all pets and items are gone, please change the topic title to "CLOSED - Please Delete" or report the topic with the ! button so moderators can lock it for you.

Pets that were adopted without being logged into an account are not trade-able. These pets will never be added to an account, and the adopter name can't be changed, so they have no trading value.

Trade Reversals

Please note that if you willingly give a pet to someone, you can't get it back unless they choose to give it back to you. Doesn't matter if you changed your mind later, that's not your trading partner's problem. However, if you sent or accepted a trade by accident, and made that clear in your trade messages, you might be able to apply for a trade reversal by contacting admins.

  • You can't force someone to trade back just because you change your mind after accepting a trade.
  • You can't force someone to trade back just because 'someone else' accepted the trade while using your account.
  • You can't force someone to trade back if you later realize that the pet you got isn't worth what you gave them - that's just your bad luck.
  • You can't report someone for trading away the pet you gave them. Once you give a pet to someone they can do what they want with it.

Make sure you know the difference between sending a trade offer, and sending a trade suggestion. When you send a trade offer, the other user can accept whatever you put in the trade, so don't leave it open-sided and ALWAYS leave a very clear trade message explaining what you want from the other user.