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CS: Chicken Smoothie

PPS: Peter Pan Syndrome | What does PPS mean?

EPPS: Extreme PPS (a PPS pet that remains in the newborn stage)

GUPPS: Grown-up Peter Pan Syndrome (A grown-up version of a previous PPS pet, usually released during advent) | List of GUPPS

BBS: Benjamin Button Syndrome (April Fool's special reverse-PPS, where the pet ages backwards)

UR: Unreleased | What does UR mean?

GH: General Helper

GM: Global moderator

AA: Admin assistant

RP Mod: Roleplay moderator

O Mod: Oekaki moderator

COPPA: Children's Online Privacy Protection Act | What does COPPA mean?

C$: Chicken dollars | What are Chicken Dollars (C$)?

Pet Names

BA: Black Advent

BMD: Bernese Mountain Dog

RBM: Rainbow Mane

GWJ: Growing White July

BEG: Galaxy

CEG: Clear-Eyed Galaxy

GSD: German Shepherd Dog

Bw/Bwolf: Butterfly Wolf


OMGSC: Oh My God So Common

VC: Very Common

C: Common

UC: Uncommon

R: Rare

VR: Very Rare

OMGSR: Oh My God So Rare

WL: Wishlist

UFT: Up For Trade

UFA: Up For Auction

NFT/NEFT: Not For Trade/Not Ever For Trade


RP: Roleplay

OOC: Out of Character

IC: In Character

GM/GP/PP:" God Modding/God Play/Power Play (See terminology for more information).

Semi-Lit: Semi-Literate (See terminology for more information).


OC: Original character

WIP: Work in progress

MYO: Make Your Own

PWYW: Pay What You Want


Spam: Pointless Annoying Message

Bump: Bring Up My Post

FTT: The "Is this a fair trade?" Thread



List/list pet: Any pet on this list.

Advent list: Any pet specifically on this post.

September list: Any pet specifically on this post.

Main list: Any pet specifically on this post.

Non/non-dog: Any of the four dogs listed on this post.

Paperclip: A trading "challenge" in which you continuously trade up common pets to reach higher goals, that takes its name from the story of the man who traded from a paperclip to a house.

3 month rule: A generally agreed upon rule in which any pet that is the same rarity and species released within 3 months before or after the original release date of another pet is a fair trade.


Mary/Gary Sue: Perfect characters without any real flaws. They lack depth and should be avoided; it's not fun to play with a character who must always have the spotlight, and doing everything perfectly 100% of the time is far from realistic.

God Modding/God Play/Power Play: These topics revolve around a player making their character too powerful. Usually they'll end up control other people's characters in the process of making their own character the fastest, strongest, or most accurate fighter. Not everything has to be combat related though; it really applies to any time a player oversteps their bounds and tries to control other characters. While considered impolite in the community, it's important to teach rather than get angry; most beginning role-players don't even understand what they are doing!

Semi-Literate/Literate:' The role-play boards on Chicken Smoothie are divided into a few different sections. Two of them (one for animals and one for humans) are called "Semi-Lit and Lit+." What this means is that those boards are intended for players who want to write longer posts in their games. There are no hard definitions about what length defines each level of writing, but it can be generally thought of the "literature" players writing very long posts, "semi-lit" players writing medium sized posts, and the regular boards containing writers of all levels.


Oekaki: Our on-site drawing application

Fursona/'sona: An original character created to be an animal representation of oneself

Mine vs Yours: An artist challenge trend to compare art styles of the same subject.

Redline: When an artist asks for critique and welcomes others to draw over their work in red in order to correct it.