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In the CS Auctions Board you can auction your special Chicken Smoothie pet(s) or item(s) and see who'll give you the best offer! But first off, auctions are trades. That is how they will be treated. Please understand this since it is very important.

  • The "Trade Forum" Rules apply in this forum as well. Please read those before starting a thread.
    • The exception being that, unlike the trades board, you can have more than one auction topic running at a time, as long as you're auctioning different things in each topic.
  • As for the Auctions themselves:
    • Autowins are not always definite and may change at any time. You can't force someone to complete an offer.
    • Auctions can be canceled, with or without a winner, at any time.
    • Auctions without a specific end date mentioned will not be held over 1 month (4 weeks).
    • Bidders must understand their offer may be accepted, you can not change your mind once the Auctioneer accepts your offer. Make sure you are prepared to give away what you offer or do not bid on the auction.
  • If you think the auctioneer is being unfair, then don't bid. You don't need to insult them or complain about their choices
  • If you are into artwork - Do not use the pet(s) you are auctioning or bidding as part of an art trade/art competition prize at the same time you are auctioning it. Doing this will only bring you a warning because it will be concluded that you are scamming people out of art.
  • Please give a link to your pet that you are offering/auctioning (or a link to your bid group). This will prevent the confusion of if you actually have that pet(s) or not. This rule is not mandatory because some do not know how to link or do not have the capability to do so. In those cases, use caution until the pet is confirmed.

Remember, auctions are trades so there is a possibility that the other person (be it the auctioneer or the bidder) will pull out of the deal. They have every right to change their mind before they accept the trade. Nobody gets hurt in this because both sides will still have what they started out with.