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This guide was originally created by -Firestar- and bruises

Welcome! This is a guide to items for your pets that you can no longer get as handouts or at the store. These items were available before the creation of the store (August 09) on certain holidays or dates.


Valentine Pack

Available: Feb 14th 2009 on the page with the Valentine exclusive pets.
26&bodyshape=1.jpg 27&bodyshape=1.jpg 28&bodyshape=1.jpg 29&bodyshape=1.jpg 30&bodyshape=1.jpg 31&bodyshape=1.jpg 32&bodyshape=1.jpg 36&bodyshape=1.jpg 37&bodyshape=1.jpg 33.jpg 38&bodyshape=1.jpg 35&bodyshape=9.jpg 34.jpg

April Fools day Pack

This pack, when users clicked on the item, there was all sorts of different neat items. But on April 2nd, the items turned into these glasses.
69&bodyshape=1.jpg 65&bodyshape=1.jpg

St Patrick's Day Item Pack

53&bodyshape=1.jpg 54&bodyshape=1.jpg 55&bodyshape=1.jpg 56&bodyshape=1.jpg 56&p=933.jpg

Easter Egg Hunt Items

These items were a forum exclusive. An egg hunt banner showed up at the bottom of a random forum page once every 4 hours (Changed mid way from 12 hours) Once a player clicked on the banner, they got a random item or bunny pet.
The eggs were in pack. The "Puppy eggs" and bunny items came singly.
59&bodyshape=1.jpg 60&bodyshape=1.jpg 61&bodyshape=1.jpg
100&bodyshape=1.jpg 101&bodyshape=1.jpg 102&bodyshape=1.jpg 103&bodyshape=1.jpg
104&bodyshape=1.jpg 105&bodyshape=1.jpg 106&bodyshape=1.jpg 107&bodyshape=1.jpg 108&bodyshape=1.jpg 109&bodyshape=1.jpg 110&bodyshape=1.jpg

CS Anniversary Pack

This pack was given out in celebration of CS's first anniversary
Available: April 10th 2009
75&bodyshape=1.jpg 76&bodyshape=1.jpg 78&bodyshape=1.jpg 79&bodyshape=1.jpg 80&bodyshape=1.jpg 81&bodyshape=1.jpg 82&bodyshape=1.jpg 83&bodyshape=1.jpg 84&bodyshape=1.jpg 85&bodyshape=1.jpg 86&bodyshape=1.jpg
87&bodyshape=1.jpg 88.jpg 89&bodyshape=1.jpg 90&bodyshape=1.jpg 91&bodyshape=1.jpg 92&bodyshape=1.jpg 93&bodyshape=1.jpg
94&bodyshape=1.jpg 95&bodyshape=1.jpg 96&bodyshape=1.jpg 97&bodyshape=1.jpg

Malk Fairy Pack

This pack was available late July 09 till the beginning of August on Malk's adoption page.
123&bodyshape=1.jpg 124&bodyshape=1.jpg 125&bodyshape=1.jpg 126&bodyshape=1.jpg 127&bodyshape=1.jpg 128&bodyshape=1.jpg

Tess' Birthday Pack

This pack was available the 10th of Sept and was discontinued the end of September.
420&bodyshape=-1.jpg 419&bodyshape=-1.jpg 418&bodyshape=-1.jpg 417&bodyshape=-1.jpg 416&bodyshape=-1.jpg 415&bodyshape=-1.jpg 414&bodyshape=-1.jpg 413&bodyshape=-1.jpg

Halloween Items

For Halloween '09 every user got three different trick-or-treat bags as a free gift.
441.jpg 442.jpg 443.jpg

A candy hunt was available from the 22nd of Oct to the 10th of November 2009. It worked just like the bunny hunt in April where users had to hunt on the forum at the bottom for a banner. The banner would then give out one of these items:
508&bodyshape=5.jpg 507&bodyshape=-1.jpg 463&bodyshape=-1.jpg 457&bodyshape=5.jpg 459&bodyshape=5.jpg
You could exchange the three candies in the store for items and pets.

Here's the items that were available for purchase with candy:

526&bodyshape=5.jpg 525&bodyshape=5.jpg 527&bodyshape=5.jpg 528&bodyshape=5.jpg 529&bodyshape=5.jpg 530&bodyshape=5.jpg 531.jpg 532&bodyshape=5.jpg 533&bodyshape=5.jpg 534.jpg 535&bodyshape=5.jpg 536&bodyshape=5.jpg 537.jpg 538&bodyshape=5.jpg 539&bodyshape=5.jpg
A Pumpkin set. This included two pumpkins and a bunch of different holes. 15 items in total.

486&bodyshape=5.jpg 487&bodyshape=5.jpg 489&bodyshape=5.jpg 488&bodyshape=5.jpg
490&bodyshape=5.jpg 491&bodyshape=5.jpg 492&bodyshape=5.jpg 493&bodyshape=5.jpg
494&bodyshape=5.jpg 495&bodyshape=5.jpg 496&bodyshape=5.jpg 497&bodyshape=5.jpg
502&bodyshape=5.jpg 503&bodyshape=5.jpg 505&bodyshape=5.jpg 504&bodyshape=5.jpg
498.jpg 499.jpg 500.jpg 501.jpg
5 different colored rat costumes. Costumes come with feet, wings,tail and antennae
440&bodyshape=5.jpg A set of 5 bats
453&bodyshape=5.jpg A horse outfit
456&bodyshape=5.jpg 458&bodyshape=5.jpg 460&bodyshape=5.jpg 461&bodyshape=5.jpg 462&bodyshape=5.jpg 464&bodyshape=5.jpg 465&bodyshape=5.jpg A pack of Halloween candy
455.jpg A green monster plushie

Thanksgiving Giveaway

There were two sets of items released in the CS store from Nov 19th 2009-Nov 28th. They included a pilgrim set and a food set.
546.jpg 547.jpg
541.jpg 542&bodyshape=1.jpg 543.jpg 544&bodyshape=1.jpg 545&bodyshape=1.jpg

December Advent Packs

December 3rd
637.jpg 638.jpg 639.jpg 640.jpg 641.jpg 642.jpg 643.jpg 644.jpg

December 6th
559&p=2750.jpg 560&p=2751.jpg 558&p=2749.jpg 608&p=2901.jpg 609&p=2903.jpg 610&p=2902.jpg 611&p=2904.jpg

December 8th - Wolf plushies!
705.jpg 704.jpg 703.jpg 702.jpg 700.jpg 701.jpg

Dec 13th - Horse Plushies!
712.jpg 711.jpg 710.jpg 709.jpg 708.jpg 707.jpg 706.jpg

Dec 18th Christmas tree items
668.jpg 675.jpg 670.jpg
682.jpg 683.jpg 684.jpg 690.jpg 691.jpg 692.jpg

Dec 19th - Snowmen Pieces
651.jpg 650.jpg 652.jpg 649.jpg 648.jpg 647.jpg 646.jpg 663.jpg 662.jpg 661.jpg
656.jpg 655.jpg 654.jpg 653.jpg 660.jpg 659.jpg 658.jpg 657.jpg

December 24th
664.jpg 665.jpg 666.jpg 667.jpg
563.jpg 564.jpg 561.jpg 562.jpg

Dec 25th-Jan 1st
Wow! There were 4 item packs here and everyone could adopt 2. It's uncertain which items were in which pack.
605.jpg 603.jpg 602.jpg 601.jpg 604.jpg 600.jpg 631.jpg 630.jpg 629.jpg 628.jpg 627.jpg 624.jpg 625.jpg 626.jpg
623.jpg 622.jpg 621.jpg 620.jpg 619.jpg 618.jpg 607.jpg 606.jpg 632.jpg 633.jpg 634.jpg 635.jpg 636.jpg 645.jpg
740.jpg 738.jpg 739.jpg 737.jpg 736.jpg 735.jpg

Everyone also got this item pack:
734.jpg 725.jpg 724.jpg 723.jpg 722.jpg


These items were released on Dec 11th, removed Dec (insert here)
The remarkable thing about these items is that the menorah when placed on a pet gained a candle for each day of Hanukkah creating the very first growing item!
715.jpg 720.jpg 719.jpg 718.jpg 717.jpg 716.jpg 714.jpg 713.jpg

Christmas store items

591.jpg 592.jpg

In relation to us getting a free item pack for our Christmas tree pet, there were also these different color packs for sale in the store.
669.jpg 676.jpg 681.jpg 689.jpg
671.jpg 677.jpg 685.jpg 693.jpg
672.jpg 678.jpg 686.jpg 694.jpg
673.jpg 679.jpg 687.jpg 695.jpg
674.jpg 680.jpg 688.jpg 696.jpg

"Unreleased" Items

2009 also brought a few items which were only given out in small quantities.

The Rainbow Smoothie. For more information about this item, look here.

412.jpg 411.jpg 410.jpg 409.jpg
Chicken-O flag, shirt, and hats. These items were given out as prizes in Vampiric's art contest.