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New Years!

This item was released January 1st. 744.jpg

Valentine's Day

28.jpg 29.jpg 34.jpg 775.jpg 774.jpg 778.jpg 777.jpg 776.jpg 782.jpg 781.jpg 779.jpg 780.jpg

St Patrick's Day

801.jpg 791.jpg 790.jpg 53.jpg 798.jpg 792.jpg 793.jpg 794.jpg 796.jpg 795.jpg 56.jpg

Easter Egg Hunt items

Available April 3rd - April 10th

These items worked like the Halloween pack did, where we hunted the forums for a banner. Clicking on the banner gave one of four colored egg tokens:

832.jpg  831.jpg  830.jpg  829.jpg 

or a pet egg:

802.jpg  803.jpg  804.jpg  805.jpg  806.jpg  807.jpg  808.jpg  809.jpg 

The following items were available to purchase with egg tokens: Egg Packs:

820.jpg  819.jpg  823.jpg  822.jpg  821.jpg 
828.jpg  827.jpg  826.jpg  825.jpg  824.jpg 
850.jpg  849.jpg  848.jpg  847.jpg  846.jpg 

Or other items:

839.jpg  834.jpg  837.jpg  833.jpg 
840.jpg  836.jpg  838.jpg  835.jpg 
843.jpg 844.jpg

Second anniversary!

851.jpg 86.jpg 877.jpg 871.jpg 872.jpg 875.jpg 876.jpg 873.jpg 874.jpg 893.jpg 892.jpg 891.jpg 890.jpg 889.jpg 888.jpg 887.jpg 886.jpg


810.jpg  812.jpg  813.jpg  811.jpg  814.jpg 

Party hats

854.jpg  856.jpg  857.jpg  859.jpg  861.jpg  852.jpg  853.jpg  858.jpg  860.jpg  855.jpg  
884.jpg  885.jpg  883.jpg  882.jpg  881.jpg  880.jpg  879.jpg  878.jpg  862.jpg 

Malk Items

870.jpg  869.jpg  868.jpg 
867.jpg 866.jpg 865.jpg 864.jpg 863.jpg

International Towel Day (May 25th)

These items were given out one day only. 897.jpg 896.jpg

CS Woof Cup

CS's way of celebrating the World Cup, taking place around June/July 2010.
985.jpg  986.jpg  987.jpg  989.jpg 
992.jpg 991.jpg 990.jpg

I haz a cheez! set

These items were given out free in the store in relation to Tyr's birthday. Available 11th - 31st(?) of August. 1042.jpg 1043.jpg 938.jpg 939.jpg


19th of October - 7th of November

Free item pack

1095.jpg  1096.jpg  1097.jpg  1099.jpg   1077.jpg  1073.jpg  1072.jpg 
1083.jpg  1084.jpg  1141.jpg    1142.jpg   1124.jpg  1123.jpg  1122.jpg 

26th of October

1151.jpg  1152.jpg  1153.jpg 

31st of October

1157.jpg  1156.jpg  1155.jpg  made by Malk

And for Nick's birthday!

1161.jpg  1159.jpg  1160.jpg 

Hunt treats

1094.jpg  1098.jpg  1100.jpg 

Hunt tricks

1071.jpg 1069.jpg 1070.jpg

Halloween trade items

1131.jpg 1132.jpg 1133.jpg 1128.jpg 1129.jpg 1130.jpg 1134.jpg 1135.jpg 1136.jpg
1104.jpg  1105.jpg  
1074.jpg  1075.jpg  1076.jpg 
1085.jpg  1086.jpg  1087.jpg  1088.jpg  
1138.jpg  1139.jpg  1140.jpg 
1125.jpg  1126.jpg  1127.jpg  
1112.jpg  1113.jpg 
1107.jpg  1108.jpg  1109.jpg  1110.jpg  1111.jpg  made by Leurai
1144.jpg  made by Malk
1078.jpg  1079.jpg  1080.jpg  1081.jpg  1082.jpg 
1119.jpg  1120.jpg  made by Vampiric
1118.jpg  1121.jpg  made by Vampiric
1101.jpg  1102.jpg  1103.jpg 
1116.jpg 1117.jpg 1158.jpg made by Vampiric

Monster contact lenses

Made by Tyr, these contact lenses are for dogs but does work awesomely spookily with most pets. They could be bought in the store for C$4 each during Halloween, and were retired from the store on the 5th of November. 1143.jpg 1093.jpg 1092.jpg 1091.jpg 1090.jpg 1089.jpg

Guy Fawkes/Bonfire Night

Remember remember the fifth of november...

On November the 5th we could get these items in the store for free in celebration of Guy Fawkes/Bonfire Night. They were made by Selcouth and were available for a week.

1163.jpg 1164.jpg 1165.jpg 1166.jpg 1167.jpg 1168.jpg 1169.jpg 1170.jpg


To help celebrate the US holiday Thanksgiving, Tyr produced a silly turkey costume for our dogs. For four days around Thanksgiving, we could get these for free in the store. 1176.jpg 1177.jpg 1178.jpg 1179.jpg


CS celebrated Hanukkah from the 2nd to the 9th of December. We were given a Menorah to place candles in, and a candle to place in the center of it.
1223.jpg   1224.jpg 

On each of the eight days of Hanukkah we were then given a new candle to add to our Menorah.

We were also given coins for our pets.

716.jpg 717.jpg 718.jpg 719.jpg 720.jpg

December advent packs

These were items that you could adopt during the Advent Calendar. Each pack was available for only one day.
 December 1  

You could adopt this pack twice. Each pack contained a Merry Christmas decoration, one of the mistletoes, and one color combination pack of the reindeer outfit. The mistletoes were made by Selcouth, the rest of the items by Tyr.

1221.jpg   1187.jpg   1186.jpg  
1189.jpg   1193.jpg   1197.jpg   1200.jpg 
1194.jpg   1222.jpg   1195.jpg   1202.jpg 
1190.jpg   1191.jpg   1198.jpg   1201.jpg 
1188.jpg   1192.jpg   1196.jpg   1199.jpg 

 December 17  

You could adopt this pack twice. Each pack contained a Merry Christmas decoration, one of the mistletoes, and one color combination pack of the reindeer outfit from December 1. There were also new items by Selcouth and Vampiric. In each pack we were given three steam breaths, one ice crown, one pudding, and one light blue jingle bell collar. There were also one of the ice fairies, two of the birds, and three of the cups.

1212.jpg   1185.jpg   1246.jpg   1220.jpg 
1225.jpg  1227.jpg  1226.jpg 
1229.jpg  1228.jpg  1230.jpg  1231.jpg 
1215.jpg  1214.jpg  1217.jpg  1216.jpg  1218.jpg  1219.jpg 

 December 25  

Tasty treats!

1252.jpg  1253.jpg  1254.jpg  1255.jpg  1256.jpg  1283.jpg  1284.jpg 

Another big item pack! We were allowed to get this pack twice, with a big variation of items in each pack. Some were re-releases from previous years.

604.jpg  601.jpg  602.jpg  603.jpg  605.jpg   606.jpg  607.jpg 
645.jpg   608.jpg  610.jpg  609.jpg  611.jpg 
1285.jpg  1286.jpg 
1250.jpg  1251.jpg  1257.jpg  1258.jpg  1259.jpg  1260.jpg  1261.jpg  1262.jpg  1263.jpg  1264.jpg  1265.jpg  1266.jpg  1267.jpg  1268.jpg  1269.jpg  1270.jpg  1271.jpg  1272.jpg  1273.jpg  1274.jpg  1275.jpg  1276.jpg  1277.jpg  1278.jpg  1279.jpg  1280.jpg  1281.jpg  1282.jpg 
1183.jpg  1181.jpg  1182.jpg  1184.jpg   1180.jpg 
1236.jpg  1235.jpg   1249.jpg  1248.jpg  1247.jpg 
1239.jpg 1213.jpg 1211.jpg 1240.jpg 1245.jpg 1241.jpg 1242.jpg 1243.jpg 1244.jpg

December store items

Winter Scarves

These scarves, made by Selcouth, were available to buy in the store all throughout december for 5C$ each.

1209.jpg  1208.jpg  1207.jpg  1206.jpg  1205.jpg  1204.jpg  1203.jpg 
 Snow Fight   

These items, perfect for a snow fight, were made by Tyr. They were available in the store for free from December 30th until the end of January 2011.

1302.jpg 1303.jpg 1305.jpg