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Chicken Smoothie has a gallery of official images, we call "stamps." Stamps can be used to decorate your account profile page. This is a great way for users to broadcast some details about themselves to the world. What's more, stamps can be used to replace a user's signature beneath their forum posts. This is useful for easy, quick signature creation, and for COPPA users who aren't allowed to have a custom-coded signature.

Most stamps are free for everyone to use, and they are either decorative or speak of a special hobby or trait which the user is proud of. They also include many images from the Official Avatar Gallery, which can be displayed in the signature for decorative reasons or even to signify that the user likes a particular species (or outcome, if its stamp happens to be included; not all are).

However, not all stamps are freely available; some can only be obtained through participating in site events. These are usually stamps for summer events, special mini events, or even the year a user joined. Here's a guide to these special stamps (which can be found under the "My Stamps" tab in the collection editor) and how users could have obtained them.


If you need help setting up your stamp collection, click here to enter the editor, or read this guide for more information!

"Member Since..." Stamps

Each account has a join date, signifying when they found the site. Each year's worth of users get their own special stamps, to display their age on the site, and show off some of the cool pets released the same year they joined. Occasionally more stamps are added for years, and it does take a while to add stamps for the new year, as this style of stamp includes the image of a pet released during the given year.


April Fool's

Chicken Smoothie often holds fun mini-events during April Fool's, pulling fun pranks on the site. Although not all of these events resulted in stamps, a few did involve users enough that stamps were in order to commemorate the event.

Chicken Uprising 2016

Totoro Takeover 2017

Easter Stamps

Each year CS holds a banner event to celebrate Easter. This event usually takes place in March or April, leading up to the holiday of Easter itself (which has different start dates from year to year). These stamps were introduced first on March 31st, 2015. Stamps for the events which took place before this date were added to the correct user accounts for those who had participated! From that point forward, additional stamps were released for each new event, usually available as a gift on the event page towards the end.

Summer Event Stamps

Each year since 2011, CS holds an annual banner event during the summer! In 2014, special stamps were released to go with the event, and they were available as a gift on the event page. This trend continued in future years, and stamps have been made for each summer event afterwards.

Egypt Event 2014

Candy Event 2015

Space Event 2016

Lost City Event 2017

Jungle Event 2018

Halloween Stamps

Each year CS holds a banner event during October to celebrate Halloween! Originally stamps for these event were added in October 2015. The stamps designed for previous years were added to the accounts which had participated. From that point forward, additional stamps were also released in the coming Halloween events, usually obtainable as a gift on the event page which could be claimed towards the end of the holiday.