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Since all content on Chicken Smoothie must be appropriate for children, take careful note of the types of things which are not allowed on user profiles or in other account fields such as (but not limited to) signature and trade rules.


  • Each player is only allowed to have one account. You are not allowed to have more than one account for any reason.
    • You can easily change your username on your own account from your Account Settings page found in the "My Stuff" tab.
    • Please contact staff if you have a problem with old posts or account history please talk to staff for advice.
  • Users are no longer allowed to "merge" account, meaning you can not request for two players' accounts to be combined into one to play together.
    • If you kept a shared account as well as your own personal account then you may be banned for controlling multiple accounts, so contact staff immediately to get it sorted out.

Friends and Family

Playing Chicken Smoothie with your friends and family can be a lot of fun, but you need to make sure that you are all playing fair. Your friends and family shouldn't use their accounts to give you an unfair advantage.

If you like to send each other gifts or trades then make sure to keep things balanced. You should send your friend gifts of around the same amount and value as the gifts they send you. If you are always taking and not giving, then that isn't very fair is it?

If your friends or family mostly only adopt pets/items to send to you for free then this is usually considered to be cheating. People you trade with should be collecting for their own enjoyment, and trading fairly with you. Telling us that your second account really belongs to your little sister doesn't mean that you'll get away with using that account to cheat.

You and your friends/family will be banned if their accounts are used to help you cheat for extra pets and items.


All content in a user's profile, signature, avatar, and trade rules must abide by all of Chicken Smoothie's rules. As such, be sure to observe these areas in particular, although reading all the rules is encouraged.

  • Privacy Information Rules
    • Posting a narrow age range (e.g. I am 13-15 years old) or a minimum age (e.g. 13+, 18+, etc.) is not allowed. Users may state they are an adult if they wish, but they should not use any numbers to indicate this, as it encourages children to do the same.
  • Art and Image Posting Rules
    • In order to use images which are not your own, you must make sure the owner allows others to use their work and you must credit them accordingly.

It is also important to note these rules specifically for these personal text fields:

  • It is not allowed to put messages/stamps or images in your signature, trade rules, or interests which promote hate, discrimination, non-support or "anti" feelings towards people (or groups of people).
    • It is still allowed to (respectfully) discuss and debate your beliefs and likes/dislikes in forum discussions.
  • The types of messages we will not allow in signatures include the following examples:
 "I hate religion"
"I don't support homosexuality"
"I'm anti-hunting"
"Jokes" about harming/killing celebrities e.g. "97% of teens would cry if they saw (celebrity) standing on top of a sky scraper, about to jump. If you're one of the 3% who would sit there eating popcorn screaming "DO A FLIP!" then copy and paste this to your profile."
"I hate (celebrity)" - we don't expect the celeb to read it, but this can be rude/upsetting to their fans
  • The kinds of "anti" messages we don't care about are those which don't affect other people, feel free to use anything along those lines:
 "I hate chocolate"
"I'm anti Mondays"
"I hate mornings"
"I hate running"
  • We do not allow messages in signatures/trade rules which promote violence or contain mentions of suicide/self-harm/drug abuse, including jokes that involve wishing death/harm on a celebrity.
    • This rule includes 'statistics' that describe people attempting suicide, kidnapping/murder/assault of others, self-harm or drug abuse, etc.
    • Messages/jokes about wishing harm on a celebrity are not appropriate humor for CS.
    • "Inspirational" copy-pastes about people hurting themselves are upsetting and inappropriate topics of discussion for CS.

External Links

All linked content in signatures and profiles (or anywhere else on the forums for that matter) must abide by Chicken Smoothie's rules.

For sites that have a wide range of content, such as YouTube, only the page or profile linked needs to have clean content. However, sites which were created specifically for profanity should never be linked.

If you wish to link to some of your other profiles on different website, you must also make sure that your profile there does not display any of your personal information, or the information of friends or family.

  • "World of text" links are not allowed anywhere on CS. The problem with World of Text is that people can write inappropriate things on your wall and you have no way of knowing who wrote it. There's also no way to predict when your innocent signature link will suddenly become a link to something offensive and inappropriate for CS.
  • "Steal Your Soul" or similar links are not allowed. Some of those sites get constantly reported as 'too scary' so even if you literally say 'this is a steal your soul link' you could still get in trouble for linking to such a site.