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This guide was originally written by Tanta Mally

A guide to commonly-used Role Play terms and abbreviations

RP or RPG:
A much used word in Role Play, because what it stands for is role play or role play game.

GM, GP, PP, MS and GS:
These abbreviations stand for God Modding, God Play, Power Playing, Mary-Sues and Gary-Sues.
Let's start off with Mary-Sues which are usually female, and Gary-Sues which are male. These can sometimes be a type of God-Modding or even God-Play, if you like. 'MS' and 'GS' are the perfectionists; they are often flawless, the most beautiful/handsome, get all the guys/girls and prance around like they own the place. This is where things get a bit sticky. God-Modding and Mary-Sues/Gary-Sues can be the same thing. These characters are always able to dodge moves, strike hits before the other character can retaliate, (and when hunting) take down an entire elephant unaided and with a quick bite. To put it simply, they are the most accurate at attacking, strongest, fastest to dodge and possess extreme agility.
Power Playing, on the other hand, is when someone controls another persons character without permission, however subtle.

Slang for Character(s).

This stands for Octopuses On Cars. Joking! It stands for Out Of Character, usually used as a polite way of saying 'I'm now not posting as my character, so don't get confused!'. When someone wants to post something that is not part of the Role Play, they might put 'OOC' or just brackets around their words. Some people may do a post of entirely 'OOC' but not state that they did. Often it is obvious to tell that they are not in character.

A semi-literate role player is someone who is able to post about a paragraph or two per post and fairly descriptive, tuned grammar and punctuation as well as being able to obey the rules as much as they can. Most role plays are semi-literate because a wider portion of the public are semi-literate in comparison to fully literate role players.

These types of role players have a wide knowledge of role play, as they have usually had much practice. They are able to type at least two paragraphs per post without dribbling nonsense, use finely-tunned imagery, grammar and punctuation. They may use more fonts than others and have a full understanding of the rules and strive to uphold them. Literate role plays are not as common as others on a role play forum that wasn't originally made for role play. Some websites that are built entirely on the role plays that occur on it, are literate.